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Transition. — n 1. change or passage from one state or stage to another     2. the period of time during which something changes from one state or stage to another 
1545–55;  < Latin trānsitiōn-  (stem of trānsitiō … Continue reading

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Freedom through Constraint

A wonderful article by Emmaly Wiederholt talking about Freedom through Constraint. She discusses Bad Unkl Sista’s “First Breath- Last Breath”, AXIS Dance Company and Marc Brew’s “Full of Words”, and inkboat’s “The Crazy Cloud Collection.” You can read the full article here: … With … Continue reading

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Mollie Celebrates 10 years with AXIS

Tell us a bit about yourself and your (dance) background: I grew up in a beautiful but tiny town in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains called Bridgeport. The only dance class was an hour drive to another small town in … Continue reading

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Mike, an artist in Vermont, recently blogged about his own inspiration as an artist . As an example, he included a story about how our recent performance in Vermont inspired a particular vision. Read about how he ended up with … Continue reading

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AXIS at the Flynn

We love it when people blog about us. And when they do, why not share it here? AXIS performed at the Flynn Center in Burlington, VT on March 9th. Michael Watson wrote about the AXIS performance on his blog where … Continue reading

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A Brief Visit from Corina Dalzell

We recently had the pleasure of having Corina with us for a short month-long internship. If you didn’t get the chance to ‘meet’ her through our E-News here’s your chance.  And perhaps you’d be interested in interning with AXIS?  Intern … Continue reading

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“Entre Nous”… Evolving relationships in dance

Last August we had an incredible group of dancers attending our Physically Integrated Summer Intensive. During this intense week so much learning happend. And one can only hope that once everyone goes out  into “the real world” they will continue … Continue reading

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