About Victoria Marks

“…A choreographer of superior intelligence, lyricism, and wit….” – Elizabeth Zimmer, Village Voice

Victoria MarksVictoria Marks creates dances for the stage, for film and in community settings. Marks’ recent work has considered the politics of citizenship, as well as the representation of both virtuosity and disability. These themes are part of her ongoing commitment to locating dance-making within the sphere of political meaning.

Marks is a Professor of choreography in the Department of World Arts and Cultures at UCLA where she has been teaching since 1995. She is a 2005 Guggenheim Fellow and has received recent grants from the Irvine Foundation, the NEA and the Cultural Affairs Council. In 1997, Marks was honored with the Alpert Award for Outstanding Achievement in Choreography. more

Over the course of her career, she has been the recipient of multiple grants and fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts, the New York Foundation for the Arts, and the London Arts Board, among others. She has received a Fulbright Fellowship in Choreography, and numerous awards for her dance films, including the Grand Prix in the Video Danse Festival (1996 and 1995), the Golden Antenae Award from Bulgaria, the IMZ Award for best screen choreography and the Best of Show in the Dance Film Association’s Dance and the Camera Festival.

Victoria Marks will be creating Contingencies for our 25th Home Season

“I propose to develop a work for and with AXIS based on a central formulation of logic: “If/Then” statements.

“If/Then” thinking while quite practical (If the sky is blue, you won’t need a raincoat.) also works to order an unruly and unknowable universe. In my autistic son’s hands, however, these statements give rise to something I can only call “magical thinking.” (If my laces are uneven, I will die.)

I would like to study ways in which we reasonably make sense of conditionality and ways in which this procedure creates unreliable truths.” – Victoria Marks


About AXIS Dance Company

AXIS is one of the world’s most innovative ensembles of performers with and without disabilities. Here you get a behind-the-scenes look into our world and stay up to date with AXIS. www.axisdance.org
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