Dancing in a Bath Tub

Post by  AXIS dancer Sebastian Grubb

In our second and third weeks with Marc Brew, we developed solo material and then mashed our solos into duets. The challenge and interest for me was in seeing how our solos had ways of interacting with each other in synchronous and surprising ways. In the end we had duets that appeared to have been made as duets, not solos first.

Then the real challenge for Juliana and me: putting our duet in and around a bath tub. I haven’t done a tub dance before, but I’ve worked with other furniture and structures and they always provide unique possibilities for movement, which is what AXIS is all about anyway. For us, using the tub meant that movements were translated to become entries to and exits from the tub. A back bend became a cartwheel on the tub’s edges, and a series of lifts had us repeatedly swapping places in and out of the tub.

The translation of our material into the world of the bath tub was what brought everything together, unifying our distinct sections of choreography and creating a clearer story of our relationship to each other. In the end, the tub is a kind of frame, setting the scene for our dance to speak its mind.

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