Finally getting my dance education

Dancer Juliana reflects on her first weeks with AXIS

well i can honestly say i’ve hit the ground running, rolling, sliding, and diving here in my first few weeks with the company. i have never been so tired, so battered and sore; nor have i ever been so excited about what the future holds.

i officially began work as a participant in the summer intensive. it occurred to me midway through the week that after all the years of dance training i’ve received, i am finally getting my dance education. whether in technique class with alice and janet, improv with son and rodney, or comp with judy and sebastian, the common instruction was always the reminder that it is you who is dancing after all, so you make the choice. and you better do it your way.

i mean no disrespect to all my dance teachers who have helped me grow and master and express. in fact, i think of my first ballet teacher debbie pitts every time i dance and feel forever indebted to her for putting me on this track. but it’s a curious thing, how the study in a discipline as a linear system somehow can seem to strip away your authenticity. but then how is one able to progress? with the constant instruction of “you decide” “you choose” “you pick” i’ve had to face the horror that sometimes i don’t know what is me or what is all the packaging that i’ve gotten myself wrapped in.

it is a gift to now be part of a company that is so interested in this investigation and to spend my days with some of the most generous and open individuals i have ever met. and when we’re not working hard, we are laughing our asses off, which is fine by me too.

juliana monin


About AXIS Dance Company

AXIS is one of the world’s most innovative ensembles of performers with and without disabilities. Here you get a behind-the-scenes look into our world and stay up to date with AXIS.
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