AXIS on So You Think You Can Dance

While Rodney, Sonsheree and Judy are flying back to Oakland we can’t stop watching the performance! For all of you who missed the show, want to share it with a friend or just can’t get enough here is the video from YouTube

If you want to see more AXIS, make sure to check out our website: and our YouTube Channel


About AXIS Dance Company

AXIS is one of the world’s most innovative ensembles of performers with and without disabilities. Here you get a behind-the-scenes look into our world and stay up to date with AXIS.
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5 Responses to AXIS on So You Think You Can Dance

  1. That was a moving and the best performance of the show. Bravo to Axis Dance Company and your talented performers.

  2. Loved it! Thank you for the inspiration!

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  4. jordoncloud says:

    Congratulations on a beautiful performance. It was truly a breath of fresh air to see AXIS perform on So You Think You Can Dance. I was so impressed with the athleticism as well as the honesty present within the bodies of each dancer.

  5. Nadia Dvorak says:

    It was a great performance. I was happy see it on So You Think You Can Dance. We like next time, see more performances like this !!!

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